Climate and Culture Review for the Faculty of Music

Jazz Bass player - 2018-19 Season of Events
2018-19 Season of Events Photo credit: Lisa Sakulensky

The ARAO Committee is undergoing a careful reconstitution by Dean Ellie Hisama in consultation with faculty members. Once this process has been completed the committee will share more about its plans.

On September 15, Dean Hisama announced that law firm Rubin Thomlinson will facilitate the Climate and Culture Review within the Faculty of Music. The review is due to start this week. It is too early to confirm when the review will be completed.

Dean Hisama notes in her message: “change will not happen instantly, but it is [our] strong belief that this review marks the beginning of a new era for the Faculty of Music”.

The Faculty of Music welcomes Heather Hines, Senior Advisor in the Office of the Vice-President and Principal at the University of Toronto Mississauga for the fall 2021 term. Heather will provide administrative support to assist us with the Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Committee and with the external Climate and Culture Review, among other responsibilities.