Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression (ARAO) Committee

4 faculty from performance areas
[Piano+, Ensembles,
Jazz, Voice/Opera]

Associate Professor and Pianist Midori KogaMidori Koga, Co-ChairPercussionist and professor Aiyun HuangAiyun Huang

Associate Professor and Saxophonist Mike MurleyMike Murley

Soprano Monica WhicherMonica Whicher

2 sessional instructors from performance areas
[Jazz, Voice/Opera]

Trumpet Player Tara KannangaraTara Kannangara

Soprano Elizabeth McDonaldElizabeth McDonald

4 student representatives from
Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association/
Music Graduate Students’ Association

Undergraduate (FMUA):

Priscilla Menezes

Stephane Martin Demers

Graduate (MGSA):

Rena Marie Roussin

Renee Fajardo

4 faculty from academic/research areas
[Music Education, Composition, Musicology/Ethnomusicology/Music Theory,
Music and Health Sciences]

Assistant Professor, Music Education Bina John
Bina John, Co-ChairEliot Britton

Assistant Professor of Musicology Ellen LockhartEllen Lockhart

Amy Clements-Cortes

2 administrative staff
[Graduate Department & Research Grants Officer]

Iliana Sztainbok

Ely Lyonblum

1 administrative staff member as alumni liaison to the committee

Tyler Greenleaf concert photoTyler Greenleaf

1 Senior Leadership Group member as administrative liaison to the committee

Professor of Music Theory and Associate Dean Ryan McCllelandRyan McClelland


Committee Meetings and Agendas

November 20, 2020: ARAO Committee Agenda

January 15, 2021: ARAO Committee Agenda


Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Committee Governance

The establishment of the Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Committee was approved by Faculty Council on September 29.

i. Membership:
Co-Chairs (2), from performance and academic/research areas, elected by Council
Three (3) faculty members from performance areas appointed by Council
Three (3) faculty members from academic/research areas appointed by Council
Two (2) sessional faculty members elected by sessional faculty members
Two (2) administrative staff members elected by administrative staff members
Two (2) undergraduate students designated by FMUA
Two (2) graduate students designated by MGSA
One (1) of the Associate Deans as administrative liaison to the committee
One (1) administrative staff as alumni liaison to the committee

ii. Quorum: One of the co-chairs and eight (8) members, of which at least (2) shall be students, shall constitute a quorum.

iii. The committee will ordinarily meet one or two times per semester (in addition to meetings of any subcommittees that occur).

iv. Purview and functions:

  1. The role of the Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression Committee is to foster an environment where all Faculty of Music students, faculty, and staff feel safe, represented, respected, and valued.
  2. Implement anti-racist & anti-oppressive policies to recruit and retain students, faculty, and staff from under-represented populations.
  3. Acknowledge and help to ensure recognition of anti-racist & anti-oppressive service undertaken by faculty, staff, and students of equity-seeking groups.
  4. Implement anti-racism & anti-oppression training for faculty and staff and information sessions for students in collaboration with the Dean’s Office.
  5. Promote to faculty, staff, and students the various offices (within the Faculty of Music and external to it) where appropriate resources, supports, and complaint mechanisms exist.
  6. Organize and promote events, such as visiting scholars/artists from under-represented populations, and workshops/forums devoted to anti-racism and anti-oppression.
  7. Provide input, as appropriate, on matters considered by other Faculty of Music committees, especially in the areas of curriculum/program design (undergraduate and graduate),
    admissions (undergraduate and graduate), awards (undergraduate and graduate), concerts and events programming, and research. For example, the committee could produce written
    commentary/recommendations or provide members to attend meetings of other committees.

viii. Liaise with relevant university offices, especially including those concerned with:

  1. accessibility and disability
  2. anti-racism and cultural diversity
  3. Indigenous initiatives
  4. sexual and gender diversity
  5. sexual harassment and sexual violence

The committee would promote events/services of these offices within the Faculty of Music community.


Committee History

The Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (AREDI) Workgroup was created by Dean Don McLean and the Senior Leadership Group of Associate Deans at the Faculty of Music on July 13, 2020. Membership included: Prof Farzaneh Hemmasi (co-chair), Prof Aiyun Huang (co-chair), Prof Eliot Britton, Prof Bina John, Prof Midori Koga, Prof Ellen Lockhart, Prof Ryan McClelland, Prof Mike Murley, Prof Monica Whicher, staff members Tyler Greenleaf and Natasha Smith, and students Renee Fajardo, Stephane Martin Demers, Priscilla Menezes, and Rena Marie Roussin.

The AREDI Workgroup met three times in August 2020. Following a thorough review of the calls to action, the AREDI Workgroup identified several main needs and demands and began outlining strategies and actions for change. Five main areas for change are listed below, accompanied by actions that the AREDI Workgroup has already taken or that have been otherwise initiated. This list represents an outline for further action.

  1. Establish a standing committee to address issues of anti-racism and anti-oppression in the Faculty of Music on an ongoing basis.
  2. Provide ongoing training and workshops in anti-racism, anti-oppression, diversity, equity, and inclusion for all staff, faculty, and students.
  3. Recruit and support Black, Indigenous, and other currently underrepresented students, staff & faculty. A scholarship award for first-year Black and Indigenous students was established in August 2020. Fundraising will begin in Fall 2020 and applications will be accepted in Fall 2021.
  4. Review and revise required repertoire (audition, jury, recitals, performances) and academic curriculum to reflect the Faculty’s commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  5. Create a new website and communications strategy that will regularly convey the Faculty’s efforts and progress on the above initiatives. This subsite of will be a hub for conveying cross-Faculty changes, announcements, calls to action, successes, initiatives, etc. related to our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Proposed url:

Upon recommendation of the the AREDI Workgroup, the Faculty of Music established the Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression (ARAO) Committee at the Faculty Council meeting on September 29, 2020. The Committee will report its activities to Faculty Council.


Last updated February 4, 2021