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Academic Year 2022-2023

Our first Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Director joined the Faculty on January 12, 2023. Reshma Dhrodia is a trauma-informed social worker and educator whose work focuses on the enhancement of individual, communal, and institutional EDI, as well as creating and implementing harm/violence reduction and prevention strategies. Prior to joining the Faculty of Music as its inaugural EDI Director, she was with the St. George Campus Accessibility Services for six years. During her time with this office, she supported thousands of students as an Accessibility Advisor, trained and led a large team of Accessibility Advisors as they accommodated students, and served as the Chair of the office’s first EDI Committee. She also co-created a workshop with the University’s AODA Officer on Language, Access, and Inclusion that has been delivered over 30 times across the tri-campus to hundreds of participants. In 2021, her work was recognized when she received the Jill Matus Excellence in Student Services award. She is actively involved in governance, serving on the University Affairs Board for two years, the board of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations since 2014, and the Leonard Foundation since 2020.

Reshma Dhrodia
Reshma Dhrodia