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Statements and Calls to Action

June 4 2020: U of T Music Alumni Call to Action
Created by U of T Music graduates in response and as a request for the Faculty of Music’s Strategic Academic Planning process to “make addressing systemic oppression, racism, and coloniality a strategic, faculty-wide goal”. It was signed by 5% of all Faculty of Music graduates ever in a 24 hour period.

June 5 2020: Dean’s Response to Faculty of Music Alumni Call to Action

July 2 2020: Memo to Dean and SLG, sent by faculty and staff members
Collaboratively authored by Faculty of Music faculty and staff signatories on “Identifying and Acting on Anti-racism, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in the Faculty of Music”

July 3 2020: Call for Anti-Racist Action from Current UofT Music Students
A call from current music students for “Making a concerted effort to dismantle institutional racism, colonialism, and systemic oppression within the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music.”

July 17 2020: #thisisartschool Call-To-Action
Immediate and long-term goals made by U of T Music Jazz Studies alumni

July 27, 2020: Dean’s Update on Calls to Action and AREDI Summer Workgroup

July 31, 2020: Music Theory Faculty’s Statement on July 2020 Journal of Schenkerian Studies

August 5, 2020: Dean’s Comments on the Recent Racist Incident in Music Theory in the Journal of Schenkerian Studies

December 11 2020: ARAO Statement

December 11 2020: U of T Faculty of Music Safe Space Information


Two $2,500 awards from the Institute for Music in Canada
The IMC will fund two annual $2,500 awardsfor research or creative projects involving music and the BIPOC community in Canada. One award will be for a research or creative project that has as its subject any aspect of the contributions of the BIPOC community to music in Canada. The other award will be for a BIPOC researcher or creative artist who is working on any project related to music in Canada. For further details email Prof. Robin Elliott at

Guide to BIPOC musicians and related literature
Created by Tegan Niziol with Tim Neufeldt, the guide was designed  to help our community find research and compositions by BIPOC creators in our collections. Please send feedback and additions to Tim Neufeldt.

Opera InReach
Opera InReach, launched August 2020 by U of T Music alumni, is a collective of artists dedicated to examining the civic impact of opera through diverse programming aimed at engaging the next generation.

Women on the Verge Webinar Series “Educating the Future Singer post COVID-19”

#thisisartschool group
Launched by U of T Jazz alumni, #thisisartschool is a coalition of artists championing equity, inclusion and compassion in arts education.

U of T’s School of Cities Anti-Black Racism/Black Lives Anti-Indigenous Racism/Indigenous Lives Fund (proposals will be considered Nov 12 – Dec 4, 2020)
The School of Cities invites project proposals for the 2020 Anti-Black Racism & Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism & Indigenous Lives Funding Initiative. This Funding Initiative will support urban-focused anti-racism education, outreach, and engaged praxis and policy-oriented research. Projects and initiatives are open to being undertaken by faculty and student associations across the three campuses of the University of Toronto and in the wider community.


University of Toronto Resources across campus

Anti-Black Racism Reading List
This is a selection, not an exhaustive list, of resources available across the University of Toronto Library system on the topics of anti-Black racism and violence in Canada, Black resistance, race and health equity, and educating against anti-Black racism

Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office
The Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office provides programs to the U of T community to increase awareness, understanding and competencies in racial equity, diversity, and inclusion to foster inclusive environments at the University.

Black Students’ Association at UofT
The Black Students’ Association (BSA) is the largest representation of self-identified Black students at the University of Toronto. The BSA remains dedicated to the education, experience, and empowerment of the Black-Canadian and the international community, aiming to represent and foster black culture through community interaction and outreach. In doing so, the BSA coordinates countless events and initiatives with a social, political, and academic focus, to support our future leaders.

First Nations House
The First Nations House provides culturally relevant services to indigenous students to support academic success, personal growth, and leadership development.

Hart House Social Justice Committee
The Hart House Social Justice Committee raises awareness of social justice issues through student engagement activities, opportunities for dialogue and social justice education for the student body.

Native Students’s Association
The Native Students’s Association is a student-run organization on the St. George campus at the University of Toronto with the aim of creating an inclusive and supportive community for Indigenous students.

Sport & Recreation’s Diversity & Equity team
Sport & Recreation’s Diversity & Equity team is a group of undergraduate and graduate students from across campus who plan, motivate, and implement positive student-led initiatives that promote diversity, equity, inclusivity and physical/mental health.

U of T Anti-Black Racism Task Force 
The U of T institutional Anti-Black Racism Task Force aims to address anti-Black racism and to promote Black inclusion and excellence within the University of Toronto tri-campus community.

Multi-Faith Centre 
The Multi-faith centre supports the spiritual well-being of everyone on campus and provides opportunities for people to learn from each other through interfaith dialogue, art and social justice.

The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office (SGDO)
The SGDO develops partnerships to build supportive learning and working communities at the University of Toronto by working towards equity and challenging discrimination. The Office provides innovative education, programming, resources, and advocacy on sexual and gender diversity for students, staff, faculty and librarians across the University’s three campuses.

Accessibility information for U of T
Accessibility at the University of Toronto ensures that it is an equitable and inclusive community, and proactively seeks to increase diversity among its community members.

Health and Wellness
The Health and Wellness provides a range of health services for physical and mental health, wellness programs, and information to help support students in achieving their personal and academic goals.

Statements and Action from UofT faculties and campuses on diversity and equity


With thanks to Futian Yao, Work-Study student in the Advancement Office, for assistance in compiling these resources.

updated February 11, 2021